C&C#2 is here!  Join us for the LAUNCH PARTY Dec. 9 at Aunt Charlies SF.  You can purchase a copy here online.

This issue is loosely based on a Ponzi Scheme. Each artist from the first two issues of C&C was given five points each to invite whom they saw fit for this issue: 3 points = local Bay area artists; 2 points = artists from the larger US; and 1 point = international artists. Allegiances be known and shown!!

Artists include: 
Libby Black*, Bay Area
Lindsey White*, Bay Area
Francesca Nocera, Ontario
Amber Ibarreche, NYC
Caitlin Teal Price, NYC
Kathleen Hudspeth, Miami
Adler Guerrier, Miami
Kyle Beal, Montreal
Gabriel Johnson, Bay Area
Kelly Sherman, Boston
Justin Limoges, Bay Area
Kristina Paabus, Estonia
Sharon Kivland, London/France
Zach Fabri, NYC
Susana Gaudencio, Lisbon
Jessica Mein, NYC
Selena Kimball, NYC
Suzanne van Rossenberg, Netherlands
Jay Anderson, NYC
Dana Gentile, NYC
Nathan Vincent, Bay Area
Dru Donovan, Bay Area
Noah Wilson, Bay Area
Justin Waldstein, NYC
Christina Empedocles, Bay Area
Katy Smail, NYC
Aiyanna Udesen, Bay Area
Ester Partegas, NYC
Jennifer Lee, NYC
Mike Cloud, NYC
Rose Borthwick, Leeds, England
Jesjit Gill, Toronto
Jessalyn Aaland, Bay Area
Meghan Gordon, Provincetown
Katja Mater, Netherlands
Gabriela Salazar, NYC
Toban Nichols, LA
Nightmare City, Bay Area
*'cover girls' due to their issue-appropriate last names

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